THYRO 3 25mcg 30tablets ALPHA PHARMA

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  • THYRO 3 25mcg 30tablets ALPHA PHARMA

THYRO 3 25mcg 30tablets ALPHA PHARMA

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Alpha Pharma is a good manufacturer of Thyro T3 25 mcg. This medicine is taken when someone is suffering from excessive or less production of thyroid hormone. The energy and metabolism in the body is regulated by the thyroid hormones.

Features: A good part of cell growth is played by the thyroid in our body. If a person's body does not produce a good amount of thyroid hormone, then that person is said to be suffering from hypothyroidism. Thyro 3 is prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from a low level of thyroid production to restore their thyroid levels to normal levels again. This tablet is taken orally and very helpful in the treatment of goiter, a disease in which the thyroid gland is enlarged. T3 tablets are also loved by the bodybuilders who want to burn off the excess fat from their body and improve the muscle. Thyroid hormone is naturally produced by our body. But if some imbalance is found there in the production of the thyroid then our body starts to react. This is the time when we need to take medicine for proper thyroid secretion.

Side effects: Every medicine has one or the other side effects. The side effect of the Thyro 3:

1. You can feel chest pain; Heartbeat starts at a faster rate. Surface can be a kind of breathing problem when doing the exercise.
2. You may feel nausea, headache, nervous, irritable and confused.
3. Decreased urination and changes in the menstrual cycle.

Dosages: Follow the dosages of these medicines as instructed by the doctor. Once a day in the morning before breakfast. There is no problem if you miss a dose. You can take it as soon as you remember or you can continue it the next day.

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