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Bio-peptide is a good producer of IGF-LR3 1mg. IGF-LR3 1mg is a hormone that is produced in the liver and known as endocrine hormone. IGF-LR3 1mg is a much preferred hormone among bodybuilders and athletes.
Active ingredient: Igf-lr3.

Properties: The production level of IGF-LR3 1mg increased in the presence of growth hormone. The bodybuilders and athletes like this hormone very much. Now let's see the reason why the bodybuilders do and the athletes like this hormone so much? They help to lose the fat from the body, but also use that fat to generate energy. This also acts as an anti-aging agent. IGF-1 production slows down as we start aging. This also fails to hear, brain failure and muscle tissue break. It also helps with protein synthesis. The muscle growth you see with this medicine is always solid muscle. There is absolutely no water retention. If you use steroid to grow your muscles then the existing muscle cells will grow. But if you use this hormone, then the number of cells in the muscle tissue will grow. That's why you find you have a great muscle density and are growing genetically stronger and fitter.

Side effects: The high doses of IGF-LR3 1mg may cause hypoglycemia. This can also increase the size of the tumor in cancer patients. Our body IGF-LR3 1mg needs to take care of various functions of heart, brain and nervous system. Low-level people of this hormone have been found with low levels of protein in their body, these results in extremely slim and thin body.

Dosages: You can take this hormone every 7 days a week with a dosage of 50 to 150mcg

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