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Shree Venkatesh is a good manufacturer of Liothree 25MCG. Liothree 25MCG is a synthetic thyroid ho..


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T3 CYTOMEL 100uq 100tablets LA PHARMA
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THYRO 3 25mcg 30tablets ALPHA PHARMA

THYRO 3 25mcg 30tablets ALPHA PHARMA

Alpha Pharma is a good manufacturer of Thyro T3 25 mcg. This medicine is taken when someone is suffe..


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Levothyroxine Liothyronine is an artificial form of thyroid hormone more so, this artificial hormone has got tremendous efficacy to treat major depression and for that you need to combine the drug with antidepressants. This drug was introduced in the early first decade of this century. When tested on the thyroidectomized rats, the experts found that the normal tissue concentration found to be required for both T3 and T4, continuous infusion of both liothyronine and levothyroxine alike. Most of the consumers are satisfied with the replacement of the hormone with levothyroxine, as it has important importance for mental well-being.

What is T3 and T4

T3 and T4 Levothyroxine Liothyronine is an abundant combination of synthetic thyroid hormones. Where the T4 is an inactive hormone that is easily converted into liothyronine in the body. The artificial forms of both hormones act for the development of the organism. Its influence on the metabolism and absorption of carbohydrates, fats and proteins make this effective supplement for the burning of body fat. Under certain circumstances it shows catabolic nature and it is always recommended to be used with other anabolic supplements.

Use in medicine

This chemical form of thyroid hormone is basically used for medical purposes. It is very effective for those who go through the thyroid gland. This prevents the increase and production of thyroid cells and thus it helps to shield the patient. The lower dosage of the drug is shown on the depression symptoms of the patients very effective effects. The addition of this artificial hormone in the regular medicine will certainly come up with effective drugs.

structural feature

The chemical name is Liothyronine; triiodothyronine; 3,3,5'-triode-L-thyronine; liothyronine; Tresitope; 3,5,3'-Triiodothyronine and the chemical structure is C15H12I3NO4. It has a molecular weight of 650,97349 g / mol. This is a synthetic thyroid hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. The hormone is eventually used by the tissues

Side effects

Almost all types of steroids have side effects on the human body and this thyroid hormone is no different than. It is basically used for slimming purposes by consumers, but when it comes to medical use, the artificial hormone has very good effects on the thyroid gland. But the list of side effects of this steroid is quite long and in addition to that some unwanted effects can take place. The side effects usually cause inappropriate dosage and if you prevent that and take the right dosage according to the doctor's instructions, you can keep away from the side effects.The extended list includes such side effects;
· Poor, back or pain in the jaw
· Reduced or increased appetite
· Changes in the menstruation
· Feeling chest pain or even tightness of chest.These are some of the reasons why this steroid should not be consumed by the sea with heart patients, there are some more types of different side effects that make this steroid strictly not applicable for heart patients.
· Clammy skin
· Irregular heartbeat - too fast or too slow
· Increased bowel movement
· In case of irregular breathing
· Swelling of different parts of the body
It is the side effects for longer stays and continue to grow, then it is recommended to consult with the doctors about the recommended dosage. One should always look closely at the doctors to know and manage the steroid in the right way.


This artificial thyroid hormone is available both orally and injectable form and consumers can choose their preferred method of consuming the supplement. Both forms are used for the replacement or supplementation of therapy in hypothyroidism. Although the exact dosage of this supplement will depend on the instructions of the doctors. The recommended dosage is 5-25 mcg daily and it can be gradually increased 25-100mcg per day. Those who use the injectable form of the substance should dose from 10-50mcg per day